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AFA the most nutrient on the planet.


If you have not yet heard anything about AFA algae, this blog will try to provide the most important information about AFA algae benefits: where does it come from, and why should you begin using it every day.

Because of the multiple benefits of blue green algae and because this powerful nutrient can radically transform your body health, you will definitely be pleased with the results of using organic blue green algae AFA.

What is AFA? What are AFA Algae Benefits?

Its name is an abbreviation of the scientific name¬† Aphanizomenon Flos – Aquae (AFA), which means “flower hidden under the water.”

AFA algae is a microalgae, an aquatic plant of an inch long, framed by researchers somewhere on the border between bacteria and plant kingdom. Is part of the blue-green algae because it contains a substance that absorbs almost the entire spectrum of light radiation, reflecting only blue light. It grows spontaneously in several lakes in the world, but only the variety existing in a lake in North America has exceptional therapeutic properties, while also being completely devoid of toxicity. This lake is Klamath Lake from Oregon, United States, a volcanic lake, rich in minerals which favors growth of this algae. 

The health benefits of AFA algae are not solely related to the nutritional needs of the body. Rather, this supplement can be used to heal many different distinct health conditions.

So what are AFA algae benefits, which are its therapeutic properties?

Besides the great wealth of nutrients, AFA contains 22 essential amino acids, 13 vitamins, vitamins out of 20 known to date, and 11 minerals with essential role in the human body. And this is not all: thanks to “construction materials” used in the composition of the algae cell, all active principles in AFA can be easily assimilated by the human body and perfectly digested and assimilated. Following studies conducted on patients and in laboratory, was discovered a very important property of this algae. Strong stimulation of stem cells in the body, a discovery that will revolutionize medicine.

How Does AFA Work?

The powerful health benefits of AFA algae are related to the immune system. A long cure with AFA cause the body to produce more cells with role in immunity. One example is that the algae increase the number of natural killer cells that circulate through the body, destroying any unwanted bacteria or virus, having a decisive role in preventing infections.

When Can I Take AFA Algae?

While they are many AFA algae benefits for health that are evident, many people think it can be hard to implement blue green algae into their daily routines.

Therapeutic applications:
Strengthening the immune system.
Chronic or acute leukemia additional adjuvant.
Prevention and treatment of cancer disease.
Increasing resistance to irradiation.
Improving memory short and long term.

– Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

– The process of healing wounds.

All the AFA Algae Benefits in a capsule!

Another great option for blue green algae consumption is capsules which contain all of the identical great benefits of the powdered blue green algae products.
Capsules are a great solutions  for occupied women and men on the go, as they can be taken anyplace with nothing more than water. These capsules contain varying amounts of AFA, depending on what your specific needs may be.
No matter which of the many health benefits of AFA algae are interesting to you personally, you are certain to discover that the various products available to you can radically improve your life!
Experience the AFA algae benefits today!


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